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    Hybridizers Database

    Evaluating Seedlings

    Hybridizing Goals

    About BGI Board Members, Advisors, Affiliations

    Who We Are

    President -? Mike Pettit
    Vice President -? Al Maas
    Secretary - Patricia Watson
    Treasurer - Shaun Douglas
    International Registrar for?Brugmansia?and?Datura?-?Alistair Hay
    Website Manager - Shaun Douglas

    Advisory Panel

    Al Maas, Edna Murphree, Mike Pettit , Patricia Watson,
    Shaun Douglas, Alistair Hay, and Dan Carter

    Seed and Pollen Bankers

    ?Seed and Pollen Banker? -?Patricia Watson


    About BGI Board Members, Advisors, Affiliations

    BGI would like to thank our former webmaster,?Mary Voss, for her many years of dedication in maintaining our website. Mary served as BGI webmaster from 2002-2017.