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  • Cultivar Name: Victorian Chiff?n

    Shaun Douglas (Aust)

    Seedling Parent:

    Shaun Douglas (Aust)

    Breeding History Set: cubensis
    Year Released: 2021
    Pod Parent: Opale Etoile
    Pollen Parent: (Taita's Gift x. Evelyn)
    Species Group Warm
    Flower Color: Pink
    Flower Form: Double or More
    Flower Position: Nodding
    Flower Shape: Trumpet
    Sport (Original Cultivar - usually for variegated foliage) Australia

    The Modified leaves passed down from Taita’s Gift,
    Flower: a double stuffed occasionally with a drop skirt, pale pink very Delicate and a prolific bloomer
    fragrance sweet, Al-soft type fragrance Musk/licorice
    Flower shape: TRUMPET
    Flower Position: Nodding
    Peduncle: 6 cm
    Calyx: 18 cm
    Splits in calyx: 2-4cm
    Corolla neck exposed: NO
    Corolla length: 30 cm
    Corolla tips: 5-6 cm
    Across the face: 17 cm
    Flower form: DOUBLE
    Flower Color: Pale Pink
    Anthers: NOT FUSED
    Plant coded M45 – (OECS)