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  • Join BGI

    $15.00 USD / Yearly (recurring charge, for ongoing access)

    Many parts of Brugmansia Growers International are open to the public. In order to access the Seed and Pollen Banks and our Forums, membership is required.

    Joining is easy. Start by selecting your region. Then fill out the form. Your region is important for shipping and to decide which Seed Banks and Pollen Banks are available for you. Once the membership fees are paid, you'll receive an email with your login details.

    You'll be able to create your own password and nickname. Usernames cannot be changed, however you can always change your nickname (name that shows on the site). Remember you can always reset your password!

    Premium Membership entitles you to draw from the Seed and Pollen Banks and participate in member areas of the forums.

    To sign up for BGI Membership, please select your country/region:



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    Pollen and Seed Banks

    Brugmansia Growers International has very active pollen and seed banks for the benefit of our members. This is undoubtably one of the most beneficial aspects of membership.

    In order to avail yourself of the seed and pollen banks, you must be a paid subscriber of our organization. Join now.

    Pollen Bank Criteria

    Some of the pollen donated to the pollen bank will be stored for protection of the species. The rest will be available to members for hybridizing purposes.

    The person receiving pollen must be a subscribed member of BGI in good standing.

    Pollen will be available as follows: 3 packets of different pollen per member every 3 months. A small fee to cover envelope and postage is all that is charged.

    People who donate pollen to the pollen bank will have priority over non-contributors.
    Patricia Watson - US Pollen Banker

    Seed Bank Criteria

    Some of the seeds donated to the seed bank will be stored for protection of the species. The rest will be available to members.
    The person receiving seeds must be a subscribed member of BGI in good standing.
    Seeds will be available for many crosses of brugmansia. Quantities will be limited to 3 different crosses per member every 3 months. A small fee to cover envelope and postage is all that is charged.
    There will be 5-6 seeds per package of named crosses, 8-9 seeds per packet of unknown crosses, depending on the quantity of seeds available.

    It is very important to mark all seedlings with the hybridizer's name and give them credit for the cross.
    Please take note that brugmansia seedlings do not bloom true to the parents.
    Seeds will be available from time to time of rare crosses and will be subject to availabilty.
    People who donate to the seed bank will have priority over non-contributors.

    Patricia Watson - US, Canadian, Australian Seed Banker
    Carol Robinson - UK & European Seed and Pollen Banker

    The Herald

    The Herald is BGI's official quarterly publication for announcing newly established cultivar names. Feature articles are written by our in house expert hybridizers and growers. Growing experiments, wintering methods, greenhouse growing techniques, and pest management are just a few of the topics covered. You may see a new garden project with DIY directions. All BGI members are encouraged to participate in writing articles for the paper or submitting a beautiful picture of your plants and gardens. This publication is printed and mailed out on a quarterly basis to botanical libraries around the world. Online .pdf versions are available.

    Trades and Requests

    BGI has an active Trades and Request forum that is available to members only. Members can post request for Brugmansia they are looking for, as well as post availability when they have extra cuttings to share.
    We also have classified ads. Classified ads are for our members to market their items to the public. The classified ads will be publicly viewable, but you must be a member to post items for sale.
    Join now to gain access to these valuable features.

    BGI Community Forums - The backbone of our organization

    The forums are the meat and potatoes of BGI. It is where members interact with each other, chit-chat, trade plants, organize regional roundups (plant swaps), post photos of new seedlings, discuss hybridizing, insect problems, etc.
    Here is a listing of just a few of the forums available to exchange information.

    Pooling our knowledge to breed for better, healthier brugs.
    The place to post pictures of new flowering hybrids and get honest evaluation on them.
    Got a Question?
    Any garden related questions? Ask here and we'll see if we can help.
    Bugs and Diseases
    To identify and treat the things that hurt our brugmansia. A great place to post pictures of good bugs too, so we don't hurt them.
    Trades and Requests
    Need a certain pollen, seed or cutting? Feel free to post here.
    You can log into our forums here.

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